Bonita Joy Vear

Born as the eldest in a family of four girls and raised in the Christian faith on the East Coast of Australia, Bonita has spent many years from her childhood happily creating stories, artwork, drawings, and sculptures, and whiled away many hours vorociously reading any books she could lay her hands on.

Growing up with a homeschool education allowed her to pursue and explore many different expresions of art and story telling, which led her to study Journalism at the University of Canberra. Graduating in 2009 with a BA of Journalism, Bonita then settled down in Canberra with her husband, another milestone that also occured in 2009.

Since then she has been busy finding the time to develope her many passions and projects, whilst also nuturing and caring for her three children. Family and household management keeps on her toes, but she works on her art for Teacup Girl Art, blogs at Lavender & Twill, and finished a novel with her co-author and sister, Alethia Fraser, that was published in 2014.

Other projects in the pipeline include her own line of classic travel wear, designed and produced in her small business, Time Traveler Clothing. She is also producing a new series of vintage-centric ebooks, as well as another novel in progress, and a new podcast coming soon that will hosted by Caleb, her husband, and herself as they detail the up-coming adventures of their family as they go off traveling around the world with a digital nomad lifestyle.